OSHA Safety Training Program

There are many important contributing factors to workplace safety.   Properly training employees should be on the top of the list.  Unfortunately, many high risk organizations may not have the financial means to provide proper and continuous training.  The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has a program that has been aiding non-profit organizations with training for underserved, low literacy workers in high risk industries since 1978.  The Susan Harwood Training Grant Program provides training and education for many organizations as well as informs workers of their rights under the OSH Act.   Since its beginning; the program has helped over 2.1 million workers get hands on training in work place safety.

This year is no different.  OSHA has awarded 10.5 million dollars to 80 nonprofit organizations.  An article in Food Engineering Magazine quotes the U.S. Secretary of Labor “Susan Harwood training grants save lives. The grants help assure that workers and employers have the tools and skills they need in order to identify hazards and prevent injuries.”   For more information on the grant program visit the OSHA website.

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Gerrard, Jeremy. “OSHA Awards$10.5 Million in Workplace Safety and Health Training.” www.foodengineringmag.com .  September 3, 2015.  September, 9 2015

OSHA Website: https://www.osha.gov/dte/sharwood/

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