Which Style of Plank Grating Meets Your Needs?

Plank grating, no matter the style, is lightweight, low maintenance and extremely durable.  The aesthetically pleasing appearance paired with a high strength to weight ratio, makes plank grating the ideal solution for applications such as mezzanines, catwalks, platforms, walkways, bridges, docks and many more.  SLIPNOT® slip resistant plank grating has a coefficient of friction that is greater than or equal to 0.85.

Unpunched Plank Grating:

As an alternative to plate, unpunched plank grating provides the solid surface of plate with lightweight properties.  SLIPNOT® solid plank grating is toxic fume free and fire proof, in contrast to fiberglass.  SLIPNOT® non-slip solid plank grating is easy to install and the flush top walking surface allows for maximum foot contact and comfort.  Often, wastewater treatment plants use grating with a plate over it to utilize grating for strength and plate to reduce odor, unpunched plank grating is a perfect alternative for applications such as these.

Punched Plank Grating:

Punched plank grating permits light, heat, moisture and air to flow through easily while still providing a lightweight option to bar grating.  Punched plank grating also allows small debris such as snow, grease or dirt to fall through, while preventing larger objects from falling through.  SLIPNOT® punched plank grating is slip resistant in every direction and rugged.

ADA Compliant Punched Plank Grating:

Punched plank grating is available in various diagonal patterns that meet the ADA standards for wheelchair accessibility and high heel foot traffic.

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