Preventing Injuries at Sea with SLIPNOT Aluminum Treads

Slip and fall accidents are one of the highest statistics of reported injuries.  Researchers found that seafarers have a one-in-11 chance of injuring themselves on a tour of duty.  That rate is higher than any other occupation.  Many of these ships have outdoor stairways which can lead to falls from high elevations.  Slip resistance is a must in an environment that is constantly in contact with water and other slippery substances found aboard ships.

A SLIPNOT aluminum treads can provide the slip resistance needed to keep these seafarers safe on the job.  The patented SLIPNOT surface has a coefficient of friction greater than or equal to 0.85, which far exceeds any current or proposed OSHA, ADA, UL, ASTM and NFPA specifications for slip resistant surfaces.  Aluminum is a low density material.  Naturally and almost instantly it forms a tough resistant oxide which protects itself from further corrosion.  This process of oxidation is known as passivation.

Each SLIPNOT aluminum tread is customized to fit every job’s specifications.  Each aluminum tread can be formed to specifications with nosings only, risers along with nosings or formed to a channel.  This allows for easy installation in the field.

SLIPNOT products have been used on many ships.  For example, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutters Courageous and Venturous have SLIPNOT non-slip products installed on various parts of the deck to prevent slip and fall injuries of their crew members.  SLIPNOT has also been used in passenger ferry boats, commercial ferry boats, and various other applications at sea.

Using aluminum stair treads on ships is highly beneficial.  Using a SLIPNOT stair tread ensures little or no maintenance and having a long lasting and durable surface to walk on.  A SLIPNOT aluminum stair tread has a proven and long lasting surface that stays on longer than many other painted-on or taped-on products.

Slips and falls the biggest hazard at sea

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