Reducing Re-Injury and Returning to the Workplace

An article entitled “Expert Offers Suggestions for Reducing Re-Injury and Returning Injured Employees to Work” talks about how different employees handle workplace injuries, and how getting them back to their pre-injured state is a different process for everyone.  Background, pain tolerance, attitude towards the workplace, other employees and the employer as well as their general attitude in life can greatly affect the ability to recover from an injury.

By grouping the injured employee into one of three groups, the article suggests that proper treatment and a successful return to work might be reached.

1.)    High risk: has psychological obstacles to recover from.  May need physical and physiological help.

2.)    Medium risk: has physical obstacles to recover from.  May need physical therapy and medical care.

3.)    Low risk: Needs reassurance that they will recover soon, and possible some medication.

While preventing injuries from happening is extremely important, accidents do happen and employers need to know how best to help employees cope with injury, recover from injury and keep re-injury from happening.  Preventing slip and falls can be accomplished by installing high quality non-slip flooring products such as SLIPNOT slip resistant metal flooring.  Products can be installed into new construction or retrofitted over existing slippery flooring.  By eliminating a source of injury from the workplace, employers are taking the first step in against employees developing long term injuries.

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