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The ASSE has created a valuable website that is an excellent resource for companies concerned with risk assessment.  The Risk Assessment Institute website provides resources such as assessment flow charts, metrics, standards, research, and case studies to assist any reader in helping their facilities to stay ahead of injuries.

The website recently launched convenient, short, and information rich videos on real life risk assessment.  These videos fall into five main categories:

  • Risk Assessment: The videos cover an introduction, fatal and serious injury prevention, risk assessment benefits and how to get started.
  • Hazard Identification: Simply put the video shows how to identify risks and hazards.
  • Risk Analysis: The topics covered are how to understand risk assessment tools and resources, how to choose a risk matrix and risk factors, universal triggers for risk assessment and how to perform risk assessment.
  • Risk Evaluation: The videos discuss how to prioritize mitigations, 6 risk treatment alternatives, risk ALARP concepts, and an up and coming video on the hierarchy of controls.
  • Summary: Two videos that cover learning how to communicate your top 5 risks and monitoring risk assessment and key performance indicators.

According to the ASSE website the videos “provide outstanding opportunities to gain critical information that can be applied in the workplace” (Scotty Dunlap, Associate Professor at Eastern Kentucky University) and “are a great resource to learn something new in short bites or as a refresher.  They are short to the point and give you just the amount of information you need without a lot of fluff.” (Ken Daigle, Group Director of Safety at BP).

The website also provides an opportunity to earn a certificate in risk assessment.  It is a 40 hour program that combines a three day classroom seminar, 10 hours of selected electives and a final project.  The program is offered at ASSE’s SeminarFest and the Safety 2015 Professional Development Conference.

The ASSE is a great resource on workplace safety and preventing injuries.  SLIPNOT safety products also help prevent injuries by eliminating slippery work spaces.  SLIPNOT is a proud member of the ASSE and can provide safety to nearly any company striving to stay ahead of injuries.

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