A Safe Steel Metal Deflector for a Vertical Turning Machine

Maintaining and improving manufacturing facilities is a big job.  Making safety improvements may seem daunting but by changing a few things gradually, large improvements and great strides in safety can be achieved.

SLIPNOT was able to help provide long lasting safety for Baldor employees by coating a piece of customer supplied steel with the most abrasive surface offered, Grade 3.  The piece of steel that was sent by the company was coated with an all metal, non slip steel surface, shipped back to Baldor and then easily put back into place as the metal deflector for their You Ji vertical turning machine.  This metal deflector was getting slippery with coolant during operation and was causing a slip and fall hazard for the operators.   Baldor is so pleased with the safety surface that they are planning on sending more material to SLIPNOT to be refurbished.

Coating customer supplied products is one option SLIPNOT offers when replacement is cost prohibited.  SLIPNOT products are also sold in stock sizes that can be cut in the field or products can be fabricated for new applications by SLIPNOT.  Retrofitting non slip plate or expanded metal over permanent surfaces is also a great option when it comes to increasing safety without much operational downtime.  Take a look at your facilities slippery areas and consider one of the many ways that SLIPNOT can help make that area safe one step at a time.

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