Safety Affected by OSHA Cuts

OSHA fears more budget cuts as the US Government gets read to again discuss deficits.  These cuts could be devastating to workplace safety states an article on  A report was put out by the government watch dog group Center for Effective Government called “What’s at Stake: Austerity Budgets Threaten Worker Health and Safety.”  They talked about how budget cuts effective in FY 2013 has already affected OSHA training outreach and travel.  They fear that any more cuts will affect new inspector training.  This is especially devastating as the agency may lose many current inspectors due to upcoming retirement ages.  The report worries that further cuts will also affect state enforcement and compliance programs of which OSHA has traditionally funded 50% of.  Unfortunately bottom line safety could be affected as OSHA would have not as many resources to do regular inspections and will have to rely on complaints from workers to identify extremely dangerous situations.

Budget cuts have affected nearly every corporation and in every industry over the past decade.  It is unfortunate if the safety of workers is affected.  One way to save money in the long run is to purchase and install high quality, long term safety products.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring manufactures sustainable products that have remained slip resistant even in the toughest environments for decades.  The products are either sold in stock sizes or can be custom fabricated to meet any safety need.

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