Safety Committees Aid Loss Prevention

Does your company have a safety committee?  Loss prevention in the workplace is critical and a safety committee can actively help keep workers compensation cost down by seeking out hazards and helping to provide a safe environment.  A group of people committed to reducing the number of unsafe acts within a workplace is essential for loss prevention.

According to NYSIF’s website (a company specializing in loss prevention) safety committees need to make safety surveys an important part of the safety culture.  They must actively search for unsafe work practices that may be overlooked on a daily basis.  The committees must meet to discuss any issues and present hazard information and requests for changes to management.  The website suggests that the committee should include the maintenance supervisor, members of the management team, the safety manager and general supervisors.  It suggests that these members are rotated every so often so the committee doesn’t become stagnant.  Members should look for areas where safety can be improved.

High quality safety products can help improve safety and can aid in loss prevention.   SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring specializes in providing workplaces with high quality safety products that will help eliminate slip and fall injuries.  Slip resistant environments, even when the application call for wet and slippery conditions, can be achieved with the help of SLIPNOT’s high traction metal flooring products.

With the help of safety committees and high traction flooring products like SLIPNOT’s loss prevention can be an important part of any company’s safety culture.

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