Include Safety in Plant Expansion

A survey conducted by Food Manufacturing Magazine showed that not only are food manufacturing plants doing ok, 21% were planning a plant expansion within a few months and 48% within the next few years.  Out of these planned expansions 68% of planned projects promised to produce plants that were more focused on sanitation and food safety.  Other concerns included plants that were more energy efficient, more ergonomically designed to increase workflow, and more focused on food security.

Whether a large expansion project is planned or a small renovation, plant safety needs to be considered.  Non-slip products need to be installed in order to keep employees safe.  Food safety and sanitation can be preserved while using SLIPNOT NSF registered safety products.  SLIPNOT’s stainless steel coated products test for microbiological and fungal matter the same as normal stainless steel products that are used throughout food processing plants.  These products can withstand the cold of cryogenics and heat of cookers and steamers, as well as daily wash downs and caustic cleaning agents that are involved in food safety and plant expansion safety regulations.

The survey also showed that more than 85% of the plants stayed, or were planning on staying in operation throughout the expansion.  Many products, including SLIPNOT can be installed without total shut down.  Non-slip products can be retrofit over existing slippery areas, or dangerous flooring can be shipped to SLIPNOT for refurbishing.  Both of these options create instant plant expansion safety without complete shut downs.

Companies should to consider non-slip products as a part of their renovation and expansion plans not only for employee safety, but also plant sanitation and the safety of the food.

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