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Rules, signs, checklists, compliance: all important aspects of workplace safety.  While these things may get complex and must be regulated by management there is one very important thing that employees themselves can do consistently on a daily basis that will help keep the workplace safe: show concern for others.  The phrase “my brother’s keeper” is a well know phrase that simply implicates that we not only should not only be keeping ourselves safe but keeping other safe as well.  John Drebinger, a safety speaker, addressed EHS professionals at the EHS’ Today’s Safety Leadership Conference about teaching employees to use two key phrases to help keep team members safe.

1.)    “Would you like me to look out for your safety?”
2.)    “As you know…”

No one likes to confront unpleasant behavior, especially among people who work closely with each other.  Drebinger suggested that phrases such as these will help workers feel comfortable pointing out hazards and will help create a feeling of caring in the workplace.  He suggests that people can use the phrase “Would you like me to look out for your safety” whenever they see a co-worker doing something hazardous and can use the phrase “As you know” when pointing out specific issues such as “As you know there is a trip hazard ahead.”

Whether you agree that these phrases are helpful or not it’s an important concept to introduce to your employees and a style of environment that should be sought after.  When an employee feels that someone else is looking out for them and doesn’t want them to get hurt, they may be more likely to “pay it forward” and repeat the same behavior for another co-worker.   SLIPNOT products can help make employees feel confident in their work environment by providing durable, slip resistant work surfaces.  Products such as customizable metal plate, expanded metal, grating and perforated plate can be implemented in countless numbers of applications throughout a variety of work environments.

Information on the speaker: Cable, Josh. “SLC: 2014 “Would You Like Me To Look Out For Your Safety?”  October 29, 2014. November, 3 2014

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