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Where do I exit?  Where is the first aid kit?  That machine looks dangerous, what should I be careful of?  These questions and more can be easily answered by the right safety signs.  A blog on gives a list of the top ten safety signs that should be in highly visible areas; all should be easily seen during a simple plant walk through.

  • Fire Signs: If a fire emergency arises anyone on the plant floor should be easily able to locate the fire extinguishers and hose cabinets.
  • Exit Signs: Making sure authorized exit/evacuation locations are visibly marked with illuminated or glow in the dark signs is of extreme importance.
  • First Aid Signs: In case of a medical emergency, make sure that first aid kits and eye washing stations (if applicable) are readily found.
  • Slips, Trips and Falls Sign: Clearly display signs that instruct employees on how to maintain safety in aisle and work areas.
  • Personal Protection Signs: Signs that state that PPE’s are required in certain areas of the plant serve as a good reminder to employees and visitors alike.
  • Electrical/Arch-Flash Hazard Signs: Safety signs should indicate any areas that have high voltage or that require specific space around electrical equipment.
  • Machine and Equipment Signs: Dangers around machines that could cause failure or personal injuries should be clearly marked as a warning to employees.
  • Confined Spaces Signs: Clearly mark these areas so workers know they need a specialized permit or specific instructions before entering.
  • Hazardous Areas Signs: Caution signs should warn employees of possible hazards as well as instruct them on any protocol for that area.
  • Flammable/Combustible Signs: All containers and areas that have anything flammable such as liquids, vapors or materials should be clearly marked.

The American National Standards Institute has developed specifics on safety signs for the workplace.  A summary of these standards can be found at the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) website.  From simple safety signs to high quality safety flooring products, keeping employees and visitors safe while in the facility should be of utmost importance.


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