Stay Safe on Elevators and Escalators

With Holiday shopping and increased traffic in malls and shopping areas, elevator and escalator safety is important.  Thousands of people use these modes of transportation daily and avoiding injury is important.  NYC Building Commissioner shared some elevator and escalator safety tips with a group of students this month, these tips should be remembered by everyone.

  • Step on and off elevators/escalators carefully.
  • Make sure elevators are level with the floor before exiting
  • Always face forward when riding on escalators and hold onto the handrails.
  • Never touch the sides below the escalator’s handrails.
  • Keep items such as loose clothing, ties, scarves and shoelaces clear of closing elevator doors and the spaces between escalator steps.
  • Avoid jumping in elevators; it can cause them to be uneven with the floor and/or stall.
  • Don’t use any part of your body to hold the elevator doors open.
  • Never lean on the elevator doors or attempt to pry them open.

Not pushing or crowding on elevators and escalators is also important.  As the weather in many parts of the Unites States gets colder and wetter, slippery flooring is always a concern.  The ADA recommends that flooring in elevators be firm, stable and slip resistant.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring has provided metal non slip flooring in and around public elevators.  The elevators and platforms used on the High Line Park in NYC utilized non slip stainless steel plates in order to keep visitors safe .  Slip resistant stainless steel plate has also been used as thresholds in elevators for the ANZ Bank in New York.

Keep yourself and fellow riders safe this Holiday season and all year round by following these elevator and escalator safety tips.

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