Pedestrian Safety: Sidewalk Hatch Covers in Amusement Parks

Visitors to amusement parks and water parks choose these recreational activities for excitement and adventure, individuals do not anticipate accidents and are alarmed when incidents do occur.  Not only does it put a damper on their experience, but it can result in long term medical care, legal claims, and ultimately an inconvenience that could often be prevented.

Accidents do happen, but when they do, it is important to analyze all aspects of the scenario to make sure the proper precautions are made to prevent incidents and ensure a safe environment is in place for amusement park goers.  A recent case in Prince George’s County, Maryland settled a claim made for medical bills incurred as a result of a slip and fall incident at an amusement park.

The plaintiff slipped and fell on a sidewalk hatch covering a sump pump for a water ride.  She was trying to keep pace with her young daughter and sprained her ankle when she fell.  The surface was covered with roof shingles to provide slip resistance, which is a temporary solution.  In cases such as this, permanent solutions will protect the users as well as prevent further claims which take time in court and potential losses.

When installing sidewalk hatches in amusement parks and other pedestrian areas, you may want to add slip resistance to the surface.  This will provide amusement park goers and pedestrian’s safe navigation to and from rides, games, activities, and refreshment stands.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring manufactures an all metal non-slip coating which has been used on a variety of applications to ensure pedestrian safety such as stair treads, sidewalk hatches, vault covers, drainage grates, and other applications for amusement parks across North America.  Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Cedar Point, Smithsonian, and others  have specified SLIPNOT for projects that required slip resistance.

Jury Verdict Review & Analysis. Slip and Fall Over Allegedly Hazardous Hatch Cover at Amusement Park.

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