Slip and Fall Accidents can be avoided with Proper Safety Equipment

In “Worker Deaths on the Rise in 2010” by Martha Yoder, the author writes about a recent rise in worker accidents in the workplace in Michigan.  From January to August, there was a rise of eight more incidents versus the same time period last year. Two of the incidents sited were slip and fall accidents.

In response to the increase in work-related incidents, Yoder discusses preventative measures that can help prevent future incidents.  First, supervisors must take action to ensure a safe work environment by identifying and eliminating hazards to keep workers safe.  Secondly, supervisors must continue to question their procedures and check for hazardous machinery consistently.  By doing so, supervisors ensure their equipment and facilities are safe for workers.  Finally, it is suggested that supervisors suggest using a case study accident to identify what areas within their facilities are prone to incidents.  By being aware of vulnerable areas, supervisors can take further action to prevent incidents.

Because two of the reported incidences were slip and fall accidents, preventative measures must be taken seriously by every company.  One possible solution for slippery floors is slip resistant metal flooring.  SLIPNOT® Metal Safety Flooring provides non-slip metal flooring that can be used in a variety of applications and industries.  It’s long lasting and durable flooring provides slip resistant safety in harsh conditions.  By investing in safety equipment such as safety flooring, supervisors ensure their workers safety and work to decrease incidents within the workplace.

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