Slip and Fall Prevention With Slip Resistant Solutions such as Steel Stair Nosing

Slips and falls on stairs are one of the most common injuries workers can face on the job.  Over 33,000 people are injured each year with 12,000 people killed, 1,200 of those deadly falls occurring at work.  Many companies can prevent these slip and fall accidents and injuries with by following a few guidelines.

In wet or slippery stairway conditions, a steel stair nosing is a vital in retaining slip resistance.  A SLIPNOT steel stair nosing can retain its slip resistance when completely submerged in oils, lubricants, or other materials.  The steel needs to be protected from rust or corrosion by painting or galvanizing.  Painting or galvanizing a steel stair nosing can also call attention to a change in elevation to the person walking up or down the stairs.

It is also important to make sure that the steel stair nosing isn’t dull or rounded.  Repeated use of a steel stair nosing can cause the edge to wear or round out and causes slip and fall accidents.  SLIPNOT is an all metal coating that is completely grit-free and will not flake off.  It lasts longer than other non slip products which means you won’t have to worry about replacing a steel stair nosing year after year.

A steel stair nosing is used in many different industries to retain slip resistance in wet or snowy conditions.  From oil and manufacturing plants to schools, SLIPNOT steel stair nosings can protect workers from dangerous slip and fall accidents on the job.

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