SLIPNOT Awarded Flooring Products and Services Agreement with Premier, Inc.

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DETROIT – March 21, 2022SLIPNOT®, a leading provider of specialty safety flooring and surface technologies, has been awarded a national group purchasing agreement for flooring products and services with Premier, Inc. Effective March 1, 2022, the new agreement allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for specialized safety flooring products and surface technologies.

Premier is a leading healthcare improvement company, uniting an alliance of approximately 4,400 U.S. hospitals and 225,000 other providers to transform healthcare. With integrated data and analytics, collaboratives, supply chain solutions, consulting, and other services, Premier enables better care and outcomes at a lower cost.

“Every day, 175 million Americans leave their homes to go to work, many in our healthcare facilities charged with the critical roles to provide care and treatment,” said William Davidson, president of SLIPNOT. “We work with healthcare facility and safety managers, specifiers, and installers to share preventative safety strategies that help avoid hospital visits and lost workdays. Our only priority, as a purpose-driven company, is to return people home safely at the end of each business day.”

SLIPNOT safety flooring and surface technologies have a patented, high-friction coating that provides durability, ease-of-maintenance, reduced downtime, and lost workdays in busy, 24/7 operating environments. SLIPNOT offers solutions for nearly every application in healthcare environments, from building entrances and loading docks to patient areas, food service, helipads, rehabilitation areas, employee breakrooms, and more

  • SLIPNOT applies its patented, high-friction coating technology to steel, stainless steel, and aluminum plates, grates, and ladders to transform walkways, entryways, stairs, ramps and drains into safe, non-slip surfaces.
  • Their slip-resistant coating technology creates unparalleled bond strength to metal surfaces, making it nearly impossible to slip and fall even with the toughest grease, water, and other spills.

“There is a 90% greater risk of slips, trips, and falls in healthcare environments than in all other private industries combined,” said Mark Kearschner, director of healthcare and hospitality at SLIPNOT. “Efforts to address these danger zones are often oversimplified with ‘Slippery When Wet’ signs or tape covering hazardous slip areas. In reality, quick fixes are inadequate and can make wet areas even more slippery and unsafe.”

Healthcare Facility Managers: Visit SLIPNOT at PDC Summit and ASHE

SLIPNOT will be at the 2022 PDC Summit, March 20-23 (Booth #1037) and ASHE 2022, July 17-20 (Booth #431). Stop by to learn more about how to avoid completely preventable accidents and try its coating technologies.

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SLIPNOT is a leading provider of specialized safety flooring products and surface technologies for the walkways, entryways, stairs, rails, ladders, and more, where you live, work and play. We transform potentially hazardous spaces like healthcare facilities and highly trafficked office buildings and retail spaces into safe and efficient environments. Much to the delight of safety managers and building owners everywhere, once SLIPNOT is installed, over 90% of slips and falls can be avoided. For more information on how to create a SLIPNOT environment, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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