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How much do you know about SLIPNOT safety plates?  Metal floor plate is one of the most commonly used materials in manufacturing and production facilities.  Floor plate can be fabricated, comes in a variety of lengths, widths, and thicknesses, can be supplied in various finishes, and can be very durable if treated properly.  While all of these things hold true to SLIPNOT safety plates, there may be a few fun facts you were not aware of.

  • SLIPNOT can transform your current metal floor plate into long lasting high traction flooring. If a total tear down is not possible in your facility, taking the flooring you already have installed and shipping it to SLIPNOT in order to have it coated with the patented non slip surface could be an efficient and cost effective solution.  Contact a sales representative to see if this is an option for your old warn metal flooring.
  • SLIPNOT offers safety plates with differing substrates and surfaces. It is possible to order an aluminum flooring product and have stainless steel or steel SLIPNOT surface applied to it.  This is a great solution to areas that need a light weigh product but heavy duty slip resistance.
  • These safety plates come in three different surface textures. The SlipNOT® process deposits molten metal onto metal substrates.  Three different heights between the peaks and valleys create the different grates of traction.  Grade 3 is the coarsest and is suitable for high volume, heavy traffic areas.  Grade 2 is a medium surface and is generally used within plants and pedestrian areas.  Grade 1 is considered fine and is generally not used where large amounts of traffic occur.
  • It is possible to buy SLIPNOT safety flooring in stock sizes and fabricate yourself in the field. There are specific recommendations that a sales representative can help you with in order to fabricate and keep the slip resistant surface intact.  Otherwise a knowledgeable sales representative can create drawings based on your needs and have the products fabricated and coated before sending them to you for installation.
  • SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring is a woman owned company. WBENC Certified Company (2005108416).

As you can see not all safety plates are created equal SLIPNOT is worth learning more about!  SLIPNOT metal safety products offer so many more exciting options, please contact a sales representative at or visit our website for more details.

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