Fall at Fenway Park Could Have Been Prevented with Slip Resistance

According to the Boston Globe, at a recent Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts, a local man slipped and fell on a stair case causing injury to himself during a game against the Los Angeles Angels.  The man was sent to the hospital due to his injuries from the accident. The incident happened at Gate B in Fenway Park.  Fenway Park Gate B is one of the main entrances to the park that offers visitors handicap accessible elevators and stairs to access seats for baseball games.

Slippery stairs are a serious hazard at sporting events, transportation areas, offices and factories.  To help avoid incidents, stairs should be checked regularly to ensure that they are continuing to provide safe access to visitors.  There are several preventative options that can be taken so that future incidents can be avoided.   Companies can install anti-skid tape on stairs, place warning signs on stairs that make visitors aware they could be slippery or install slip resistant flooring such as steel stair nosing to the stairs.

Anti-skid tape is a quick and easy fix to provide safety to pedestrians, however, anti-skid tape can easily wear and tear off stairs leaving behind slippery and dangerous stairs.  Signs that warn pedestrians of slippery areas should be provided in these high traffic areas, however, in a crowded area or low lighting area, warning signs may not always be the ideal way to ensures pedestrians are aware of dangers.

Slip resistant steel stair nosings are the best way to help ensure pedestrians stay on their feet.  Slip resistant steel stair nosings are long lasting and extremely durable.  It provides pedestrians with slip resistance in heavy traffic areas with minimal maintenance.  Steel nosing is also extremely abrasive and will remain slip resistant against oil from cars on streets, water, mud and other materials that may be tracked into stadiums or offices.  Slip resistant steel stair nosings are quick and efficient to install as they can be purchased custom fabricated to the existing stairs or in stock sized lengths.  Steel nosing is also cost effective as most of the time it eliminates the need to replace the entire stair by providing slip resistant coverage to the most heavily used area of the stair.

By installing a slip resistant flooring product, stadiums, offices and factories help to ensure they are providing pedestrians and workers with protection against slippery stairs.  Slip resistant steel stair nosings are an effective, long lasting solution that will help make sure that anyone using the stairs will stay on their feet.

Anderson, Travis. “Man Injured in Fall Down Stairs at Fenway”. The Boston Globe. http://www.boston.com/news/local/breaking_news/2010/08/man_injured_in.html

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