Uses for Stainless Steel Rod

Stainless steel rod has countless uses.  From ladder rungs to door handles, reinforcing concrete to being threaded and holding objects together, metal rod is essential in any industry.   Smooth stainless steel rod can be attractive and even decorative, while threaded stainless steel rod can be used to hold objects together and maintain permanence.

A thread is described as a spiral ridge that can run the length of a rod.  The thread helps the bar remain in place within construction.  Threads can run close to each other or can be spread apart.  When a stainless steel round bar is threaded it creates a non-corrosive product that is well suited for marine environments, any exterior project, and in extreme temperatures.  It is also easily cleaned, has a nice appearance and lasts a long time making it economical.

Smooth stainless steel rod is being utilized more and more as rebar within concrete.  As a result of stainless steels non-corrosive attributes, stainless bar lasts a long time when exposed to road salts and sea waters.  This rod has been used in highway bridges, parking garages, building foundations, barrier walls, marine facilities and tunnels.  In fact the US Federal Highway Administration conducted a test on stainless steel rebar and found that because of its non-corrosive properties it could extend the lifetime of a bridge 75-100 years.

Another way to utilize stainless steel round bar is to place it within a ladder.  Adding a slip resistant coating such as a SLIPNOT coating to the top of the stainless rod creates long lasting ladder rungs that can be used within food processing, aerospace, wastewater and pharmaceutical environments.  For example, the California Water District utilized non-slip stainless rungs in their irrigation tanks.  SLIPNOT rungs are registered by NSF International and have been used in sanitary conditions nationwide.

Stainless steel rod shouldn’t be overlooked as a safety solution in any environment.

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