A Slip Resistant Aluminum Tread can add Safety Benefits to Recreational Parks

Walkways, crossovers, bridges and trails at recreational parks and trails can often become slippery and dangerous to pedestrians running, biking or walking through outdoor parks.  Often, walking surfaces are constructed from a material such as wood, bare metal, or diamond plate that can become slippery from rain, mud, sand and other materials at recreational parks.  The combination of material and the outdoor elements can create a safety hazard to pedestrians enjoying recreational parks.

To ensure that pedestrians can fully enjoy park amenities, a material other than wood, bare metal or diamond plate should be utilized to construct crossovers and walkways.  A slip resistant surface such as an aluminum tread can be utilized on stairs for crossways and walkways to ensure safety at parks.

A slip resistant aluminum tread is lightweight and corrosion resistant.  Since an aluminum tread is corrosion resistant it can be installed in an outdoor setting without corroding or losing durability.   A light weight material also provides builders with a variety of options for installation.  An aluminum tread will not add a large amount of additional weight to bridges or walkways.

A material such as a slip resistant aluminum tread can also become submerged with mud, rain and sand and still remain slip resistant providing park-goers with a material that will offer pedestrians a safe environment.

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