Steam Pit Safety

There are different ways of heating non-contiguous buildings within a large facility.  One way is called District Heating and features buried steam lines bringing heat from a central heating plant.  These steam lines need to be accessed from time to time for maintenance and there for there are steam pits placed throughout the environment for easy access.  The steam pits generally lead to a square concrete structure that houses the shut off valves and other maintenance required areas of the steam system.  Just as with manhole access, these steam pits can contain moisture and require a safe entrance for workers.  Slippery ladder rungs can cause a dangerous or deadly situation for anyone accessing this area.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base wanted to be sure than anyone accessing a steam pit on their property would be safe and ordered a steel access ladder with ¾” non slip rungs from SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring.  The Grade 2 surface will keep workers safe while climbing the ladder.   SLIPNOT ladders rungs have been used in the past to access underground electrical vaults for major power and communication companies as well.  Aluminum and stainless steel are other slip resistant options offered by SLIPNOT.

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