Pricing for Steel Plates Fall

Steel Plates are used for countless applications on walkways, mezzanines, platforms and more.  Prices for these plates have steadily fallen throughout 2012.  Current pricing for steel plates in the United States is between $650 and $700 per ton.  Prices in other countries are currently right around $1,000 per ton of steel.  There are both advantages and disadvantages of these prices falling.

One disadvantage of prices falling is profit margins will be lower too.  The overhead costs of producing steel plates will stay the same no matter what the current sale price is.  Steel manufacturers need to be aware that lower prices may result in the need to cut back on employees, shifts or other things that may drive up overhead costs.  Higher competition is another disadvantage of falling prices.  Lower prices drive higher competition, offering the customer a variety of manufacturers to choose from.  Companies need to create strategies that will allow them to maintain their customer base and keep their profit margins up.

Lower steel prices can also lead to an increase in purchases made by existing customers.  More material may be purchased at the lower price for fear of the price suddenly rising.  New customers may also be enticed to purchasing steel at the lower price therefore helping to increase business on the manufacturers end.  International business may also rise due to the lower prices.  International companies may turn to the United States for steel plates when their prices are higher.  Eventually, the demand for steel from international companies will increase the price of steel plates again.

Adding a non-slip surface to these steel plates for areas where increased traction is needed can help increase safety in many areas.  SLIPNOT manufactures an all metal coating that is applied to steel plates and other substrates to create a completely 100% slip resistant surface.  The plates are purchased from outside manufacturers and the coating is applied in the facility located in Detroit, MI.  When quoting steel plates and materials, SLIPNOT sales representatives quote a cost per plate that includes the price from the vendor and the cost to fabricate and coat the plates with the non-slip surface.  SLIPNOT plates have created safe walking surfaces for years and require little or no maintenance.  They can be cleaned with a wire brush, power washed, or organic based stains, such as grease or oil, can be removed with standard organic solvents.  Mill finish steel plates must be protected from rust or corrosion by galvanizing or painting.

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