Marine Environments Utilizing Steel Stair Nosings

Marine environments demand excellent protection of surfaces against harsh and corrosive conditions.  Slip resistance is a must for marine applications such as boat decks, swim platforms, boat docks and oil-drilling platforms.  Many employees are being paid combat pay to work on dangerous wet surfaces similar to oil-drilling platforms.  One false step on this platform could lead to a 10-story plunge into the ocean.

The main contributing factors to slip and falls in marine environments are oils, lubricants and water.  These not only cause a precarious surface, but can cause abrasive wear on the surface.  For example, salt water and chemicals may eat at the substrate, and cause corrosion.  Applications need maximum wear and impact resistance for their wet and high traffic areas.

Steel stair nosings are one of the many options used for marine applications.   SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring provides a SLIPNOT slip resistant coating for steel stair nosings that are easily retrofitted over unsafe stairways and ladders.  They are known for their high traction, durability and longevity.  Steel stair nosings are available in stock sizes or may be custom fabricated to meet job specifications.

Hot-dipped galvanized steel stair nosings are the optimal choice for marine applications because they are ideal for outdoor applications and offer excellent resistance to salt water and a wide variety of chemicals.  The galvanized finish protects the steel from rust and corrosion, due to wet conditions.   Installing galvanized steel stair nosings will drastically improve safety and will help keep employees and pedestrians safe.

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