Why Do Cities Need Anti Slip Storm Drains?

Slip Resistant Storm Drain

The City of Los Angeles and San Diego, CA take great pride in the public safety programs in place to protect pedestrians.  One area that can hinder slips and falls are slick, bare vault covers, manhole covers and storm drain.

The City of Los Angeles utilizes and specifies SLIPNOT for vault covers due to its slip resistance and durability.  The City of Los Angeles storm drain system was created in 1930 by the Army Corps of Engineers.  As the city grew, the water runoff increased and in response the Army created an underground urban drainage system.   The system is a complex network of pipes and open channels that are designed to prevent flooding.  Runoff water drains from the street, into the gutter and enters a system through a catch basin.  Storm drain water in Los Angeles does not undergo treatment, it is cycled into the ocean.  The grates you see next to the sidewalk or even on the sidewalk should be slip resistant, not only for safety but also in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The City of San Diego uses SLIPNOT storm drain and vault covers to prevent accidents.  Vault covers house underground electrical components that need to be protected.  The surface on the vault lid should be slip resistant since they are likely to be in a public access area.  An example is when SLIPNOT was used on the Bird Rock Sidewalk project.  SLIPNOT provided 1” x 3/16” x 36- 1/6” x 60” 7SG4 galvanized steel grating for the project.  Located in the La Jolla Bird Rock neighborhood, improvements include modern roundabouts, a raised landscaped median, diagonal parking, new pedestrian crossings and sidewalks, and transit facility improvements.

SLIPNOT is ideal for utility projects from water meters, manhole covers, vault covers and access ladders to vault covers, curb plates, subway grating and storm drain.

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