The High Line Where Slip Resistance Counts

When completed The High Line is a park that will run along a mile and a half stretch of Manhattan’s West Side.  Originally built in the 1930’s for freight trains, the High Line is now owned by the City of New York and operated by New York City’s Parks and Recreation department.  It is a completely elevated park above the streets of New York City.

According to an article written by New York Times blogger Corey Kilgannon, the next phase of the High Line is in stages of completion and he offered a glimpse of the 2nd phase of the project.  The designers of the project created a steel grating walkway to be built eight feet above the ground to allow for flower beds and vegetation to be planted below.  This offers patrons of the park a spectacular view below the steel grating under their feet.  They also have plans to put another steel grating walkway above the street so visitors can see directly down to ground level.

With the steel grating being implemented above the ground, safety of the patrons of the High Line is important.  Slip resistance is crucial in this stage of the project.  Creating a safe, slip resistant walking surface above the landscape would be beneficial to both patrons and workers of the High Line.  Using a slip resistant steel grating product would allow visitors and workers the peace of mind to explore the High Line in all weather conditions without worrying about having a slip and fall accident a few feet above ground level.

High Line’s Next Phase: Less Glitz, More Intimacy


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