Three Seconds to Safety

Looking both ways before crossing the street, buckling your seat belt, putting on an article of clothing or giving a kiss to a loved one, all of these are things that you can do in about three seconds.  What if taking three extra seconds in and out of the workplace could drastically affect your safety?  According to an blog article on, it can!

The blog talks about the Three Second Rule.  By using this rule before starting a new task or when restarting a task after an interruption, you and your family may be safer.  Brent Senette lists the rules for the Three Second Rule as follows:
1.)    Stop before beginning the next task
2.)    Think for three seconds about the task you are about to start
3.)    Ensure that that hazards that go along with this task have been identified and taken care of
4.)    Perform the task

Stop, Think, Ensure and Perform (STEP)is a great way for employees to make one last, real time safety decision.  They may have been trained on how to safety perform a job whether that be operating a heavy duty saw, climbing a ladder to a platform, applying specific chemicals in a work environment, or even changing a light fixture at home or wood working in their shed, but taking just three extra seconds to assess the situation and get their minds in the correct focused place could mean safety for everyone involved.

Senette, Brent. “Three Seconds: A Small Price to Pay for Working Safely.” , August 12, 2014.  September 15, 2014.

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