Tread Nosing Prevents Slips on Stairs in Food Industry

In the food and beverage industry accident prevention is a top priority due to the high volume of ingredients and food items utilized for processing in these plants.  From oils and powder to syrup and water, liquids are a key ingredient to many of the food items processed in manufacturing facilities.  According to an article titled “Falls from Height” on the Health and Safety Executive website, falls form height in the food and beverage industry account for 20% of fatal accidents and are the third highest cause of fatal injury.  In addition, falls from height comprise 80 major injuries a year and 230 over 3-day absences each year.

Over the last three years a study was taken of where these falls took place; ladders, vehicles, machinery, platforms and stairs were the top places for injury.  The article places emphasis on the need for safe access for employees, as well as preventing slips and falls, especially on stairs.  Preventing the need for access to height and FLT forks proper use should also be enforced.

SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring manufactures customizable safety products for any application, from catwalks and platforms to ladders and stairways.  Stainless steel non-slip products include plate, grating, stair treads, ladder rung/covers, drain covers, tread nosing and many others.  To prevent slips and falls on stairs, SLIPNOT  tread nosing can be retrofitted easily over unsafe stairs, by being welded directly over the existing metal surface or by being bolted down.  Tread nosing can also be supplied with J hooks to be laid directly into poured concrete.  The SLIPNOT stainless steel tread nosing is easily cleaned by power washer and a stiff bristle brush and stands up to caustic cleaning agents and extreme cold or heat, as well as being NSF registered for use in food processing facilities.

“Falls from Height”. Health and Safety Executive.


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