Versatility of Aluminum Treads

Aluminum treads are one of the many versatile products that SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring offers.  Aluminum treads are lightweight, long lasting and may be custom fabricated to meet any job specification.  Depending on how much traction your application requires SLIPNOT aluminum treads are available in Grade 1 (Fine) and Grade 2 (Medium).  If you require a Grade 3 (Coarse) surface, you would want to add a steel SLIPNOT surface to the aluminum treads.  This option provides a higher traction surface with a lightweight tread.  Another option is adding a SLIPNOT stainless steel surface to aluminum treads.  Stainless steel is the most chemical resistant surface SLIPNOT offers and holds up well in high traffic environments.

Whether your aluminum tread is used for an indoor or outdoor application, it can withstand pedestrian foot traffic, wet conditions and remain slip resistant.  Also, due to its easy installment, aluminum stair treads may provide cost effectiveness by retrofitting over an existing slippery floor rather than complete replacement.  Aluminum treads may replace or retrofit certain applications such as docks, mezzanines, airplanes, schools and ship/marines.

Different types of aluminum treads may be chosen, such as grating, plate, perforated plate or expanded metal.  Below are brief descriptions of these four different styles.

  • Aluminum flattened expanded metal tread: used in to retrofit over existing stair treads.  It is extremely light weight and adds instant safety to slippery stairs.
  • Aluminum grating stair tread: safe replacement for slippery serrated grating or plain bar grating.  It is lightweight, durable and does not rust.
  • Aluminum perforated stair tread: combines the slip resistant surface area benefit of plate and the drainage benefit grating.
  • Aluminum plate stair tread: ideal for new construction but can also be used to retrofit over existing slippery areas.  It is a lightweight, corrosion resistant surface.

All four of these styles are available in stock sizes or can be custom fabricated to job specifications.  Aluminum treads resist elements such as grease, oil and debris while keeping a clean aesthetic look.  Whichever type of aluminum tread you utilize will provide employees and pedestrians with a sure-footed, slip resistant surface.

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