VOC Emissions

The air that we breathe is filled with different chemicals and compounds.  Indoor air quality is especially important as we spend most of our time in the confined spaces of work or home.  VOC’s or volatile organic compounds are organic chemicals that are emitted into the air from man-made or naturally occurring objects.  VOC’s most of the time are not immediately toxic but can have a harmful long term effect.   The health effects that are associated with long term VOC subjection are nose, eye and throat irritation, nausea, headaches, damage to the kidneys, liver and nervous system, and possibly even cancer.

Things like flooring, new furnishings, office equipment, and wall coverings can emit VOC’s in office buildings.  Objects like food coatings, processing equipment, food coloring, baking, non slip flooring, drains and cleaning compounds can emit VOC’s in food processing plants.  Controlling these emissions is extremely important.   Buying products that contain low or no VOC’s is optimal if possible.  If products that emit VOC’s are needed making sure the area is well ventilated and frequently tested for air quality is important.

SLIPNOT products contain NO volatile organic compounds.  The all metal flooring is considered a green product as it has a minimum of 40% up to a maximum of 83% recycled content.  The high traction surface is also registered with the NSF and can be used in the harsh chemical environments of food processing facilities.  Make smart decisions when it comes to products for your facility and air quality for your employees.

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