ADA Curb Ramp Specifications

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) developed an ADA curb ramp design  guidance document, written by the District ADA Coordinator for safety on public access areas.  PennDOT’s ADA policy on installing curb ramps has been approved by the Federal Highway Administration and the U.S. Access Board.  To ensure your curb ramps fall within these guidelines set by the ADA follow the checklist provided below.

If your ramp meets the requirement below, it conforms to the ADA guidelines:

  • New construction must be accessible and usable by persons with disabilities.
  • Alterations to existing facilities within the scope of a project, must provide usability to the maximum extent feasible
  • Existing facilities that have not been altered shall not deny access to persons with disabilities.
  • Surface must be Stable, Firm and Slip Resistant
  • Elevation differences must be less than ¼”
  • Grate openings or gaps must be less than ½”
  • Ramp slopes 12:1 (8.33%) or flatter 
  • Detectable Warning Surface (DWS)
  • Minimum 3’-0” wide accessible path
    • (5’-0” for new construction)
  • All newly constructed curb ramps must meet RC-67M Standards. Minimum and Maximum dimensions cannot be exceeded.

SLIPNOT manufactures a slip resistant ADA ramp that meets all of the requirements above, exceeding coefficient of friction standards.  SLIPNOT also manufactures manhole covers, access hatches, bridge plates, bicycle friendly lanes, drain grates, inlets and other safety products for public right-of-ways.  SLIPNOT products provide a permanent solution to traditional products, such as bare diamond plate, that wear easily.  Cast iron products can also be sent to SLIPNOT to have the slip resistant coating applied for instant safety.  Galvanized steel is the ideal surface for exterior applications to prevent rust and corrosion.  SLIPNOT reduces liability, cities such as Los Angeles specifies SLIPNOT for all pedestrian right-of-way applications.

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