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Slip Resistant Metal Decking and Flooring Materials

Designed for applications where safety and efficiency
are vital for industrial and commercial environments


Non Skid Aluminum Platform Decking

Slip Resistant Metal Decking and Flooring Materials

April 28, 2016

SlipNOT® slip resistant metal decking and flooring materials provide long lasting, durable safety for years.  SlipNOT® industrial deck plate flooring exceeds all coefficient of friction recommendations set by OSHA, ADA, ASTM, ANSI and NFPA. SlipNOT® products are registered slip resistant by Underwriters Laboratories per the UL410 standard, and for use in food processing facilities by NSF International.  To pinpoint a metal decking to fit your project needs, please follow the checklist below.

  • Evaluate the Environment
    • Is drainage required?
    • Will the application be indoors or outdoors?
    • Is this for new construction or retrofitting over an existing material?
  • Choose a Product
    • Plate metal decking: SlipNOT® floor plate is ideal for environments that require a solid slip resistant walking surface. Plate decking can be easily retrofitted by welding directly on top of existing metal or bolting on top of other materials.  Floor plate can also be formed to specifications for new installations and is a common diamond plate alternative.
    • Grating metal decking: SlipNOT® anti slip grating is ideal for areas that require drainage and a high strength to weight ratio.
    • Perforated metal decking: SlipNOT® slip resistant perforated metal combines the drainage benefits of grating with the stability or floor plate.
    • Flattened expanded metal decking: SlipNOT® flattened expanded metal is an ideal cost effective solution that can be retrofitted over grating by simply tack welding into place.
  • Determine the Alloy and Metal Surface
    • SlipNOT® slip resistant decking and flooring materials are available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
      • Steel alloys available: A-36, A-572 Grade 50 and Commercial Quality
        • A36 is the most commonly used
        • Coating available: Steel
        • Appropriate for high traffic and demanding environments
      • Aluminum alloys available: 5052 and 6061
        • 5052 is the most commonly used
        • Coating available: Aluminum, Steel or Stainless Steel
        • Used when a lightweight material is required
      • Stainless steel alloys available: 304 and 316
        • 304 is the most commonly used
        • Coating available: Stainless Steel
        • Utilized when sanitation, corrosion resistance, or aesthetics are important
  • Select a Finish
    • SlipNOT stainless steel and aluminum are available in mill finish
    • SlipNOT steel is available in mill, galvanized, or painted.
      • Please note: mill finish will rust; if it is for an outdoor application, galvanized is preferred to prevent rust/corrosion.
  • Specify a Grade
    • Grade refers to the peak-to-valley ratio of the SlipNOT® coating. In high traffic areas, Grade 2 or 3 is recommended.
      • Stainless steel and aluminum metal decking is available in Grade 1 or Grade 2
      • Steel metal decking is available in Grade 1, Grade 2, or Grade 3
  • Define Your Dimensions
    • Slip resistant walkways are customized to meet project specifications.
    • Measure your space
    • Note: Grating cannot exceed 3’ x 24’ and plate cannot exceed 6’ x 12’.

Browse our entire selection of anti slip industrial flooring and reference metal decking case studies.  You can also order samples or request a quote.