Vehicle Applications for Diamond Plate Aluminum

Diamond plate aluminum is found on many commercial vehicles including semi trucks, utility trucks, access platforms on maintenance vehicles, fire and rescue, military armor vehicles, and more.  While some of these applications are for aesthetic purposes, many of them are selected to provide slip resistance and are required for the end user.  The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets standards for diamond plate applied to fire trucks, and other industries set standards to comply with ADA and OSHA requirements.  Aluminum is specified due to its lightweight properties.

To ensure your vehicle meets standards, check off each one as you go:

  • Fire Trucks
    • All exterior stepping, standing, and walking surfaces must have slip-resistant surfaces to meet NFPA standards:
      • Aerial ladder platforms are to be constructed of .188” aluminum tread plate with a non-slip integral surface mounted on a tubular frame.
      • The front cab steps are a minimum of 8” deep x 24” wide.
      • The rear cab steps are a minimum 12” deep x 21” wide.
      • The step surfaces shall be aluminum diamond plate with a multi-directional, aggressive gripping surface incorporated into the aluminum diamond plate in accordance with current NFPA 1901. The surface shall extend vertically from the diamond plate sheet a minimum of 1/8″ (0.125″).
      • Cab doors have diamond plate aluminum kick plates installed on the interior lower portion of the doors.
      • All horizontal surfaces, running boards, rear step, folding step, and the vertical rear body surface shall be constructed from aluminum diamond plate.
      • All exterior steps are to be designed with an average slip resistance of .68 when wet as measured with an English XL tester following ASTM 1679
  • Ambulances
    • All exterior handrails shall be constructed of or covered with a slip resistant material.
    • NFPA compliant diamond plate or grip strut for stepping surfaces:
      • Running boards
      • Side Entry Step
      • Rear Step
    • Decks surrounded by 4″ kick plate and 42″H handrails
    • Access platforms
    • Running BoardsUtility Trucks

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring meets and exceeds the recommended coefficient of friction values set by the NFPA.  SlipNOT® applies an all-metal slip resistant coating to diamond plate.  If your diamond plate application requires slip resistance please contact SlipNOT®.

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