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Galvanized Steel Flooring for Your Facility

Designed for applications where safety and efficiency
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Galvanized Steel Flooring for Your Facility

March 2, 2012

Slip resistant galvanized steel flooring is an ideal choice for areas that are frequently wet due to wash downs or exterior use, are in high humidity, need drainage, have high traffic or are exposed to the elements.  Does your facility have these safety hazards? What type of galvanized steel flooring product does your facility need?   SlipNOT® provides a safety solution for each of these hazards.

Check off the items below that are true to determine the best solution:

  • You need drainage
    •  Non-slip galvanized steel drain covers can be made of grating, perforated plate, expanded metal or solid plate.  Drain covers can be retrofit over existing drains or covers can be custom fabricated for new construction.
  • There are areas of high traffic
    •  Slip resistant galvanized plate helps keep pedestrians and employees on their feet in high traffic areas.  With a file hard surface, SlipNOT® galvanized plate remains safe for decades even when wear and tear is at its highest.  Non-slip galvanized steel has been used on bridges and road plates as well as within facilities.
  • You have stairways
    •  Slip and falls from stairs are very dangerous.  Galvanized steel nosing’s can help prevent these dangerous accidents.  Galvanized nosing’s can be retrofit over existing treads and are available in custom sizes, angles and attachment styles.
  • There are work platforms
    • Non-slip galvanized steel grating provides the ideal solution to platforms.  SlipNOT® can coat any style of grating with its non-slip surface and then have it galvanized.
  • Ladders are a concern?
    • Galvanized steel ladder rungs or rung covers can be made safe when coated with a slip resistant surface.  Ladder rungs are ideal for new construction and can be galvanized once the ladder is complete and ladder rung covers are used to retrofit over existing slippery rungs.

Due to the galvanizing process, high traction galvanized steel flooring is protected against corrosion and remains safe even in extreme situations.  By using slip resistant galvanized products, slip and fall hazards are minimized.