How to Help Increase Productivity

How to Increase Productivity

In many areas of the United States, winter time means grey skies, cold weather and gloomy conditions.  Don’t let the season affect productivity, help keep employees out of a slump by following these six suggestions from MataLab as written on EHS Today.

  • Prioritize:  Many employees have the most energy, focus and attention early in the morning.  Encourage your employees to get their most important tasks done right when they come into work.
  • Breaks are important: Encourage all employees to take their breaks.  Taking a small break, even 15 minutes to stretch or walk around, helps prevent stress and fatigue.
  • Condense communications: Many different channels of communication can be confusing and stressful.  If possible chose one main form of communication, such as an online task management system.  This type of system will help eliminate large amounts of back and forth, detail oriented emails.
  • Work from home opportunities: If possible, create opportunities for employees to work from home.  Balancing work and home life can be hard.  Working from a quiet home environment can boost focus and help keep that balance.
  • Meetings in motion: Walk outside for a meeting if the weather allows.  Getting employees moving can help encourage creativity and a change of scenery is always nice.
  • If possible automate: Look into and utilize programs that can help minimize man hours spent on specific projects.  One example is an online time tracking and invoicing application.

Keeping workers safe by maintaining their confidence in their work environment is also a way to help increase productivity.  SLIPNOT metal flooring products provide sustainable non slip surfaces that help keep employee’s safely working.  Products are completely customizable for optimum accessibility.

Walter, Laura. “Six Ways to Boost Workplace Productivity.”  EHS Today  November 2, 2012. January 24, 2013

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