Aluminum Plank Decking Installation Checklist

Aluminum plank is commonly used as plank decking in many industries, including wastewater treatment plants, marine reefer, food handling, government and military, and other applications that are exposed to outdoor and wet environments.  For other basic commercial aluminum plank information you may be interested in our aluminum planking checklist. Check each of the following points off as you consider your next aluminum plank decking installation:

  • The surface is properly prepared.
    • The stringers/ and underlayment are straight.
    • All surfaces are clean and free from all debris and foreign matter.
  • All pieces match.
    • If punched plank was specified, all pieces were supplied in the required pattern.
    • The correct amount was ordered to complete the project and eliminate down time.
  • If the plank is welded:
    • Weld each plank to all stringers with fillet welds 3″ long with the following bead thickness:
    • 3 Gage (0.239) & Lighter – 1/8″
    • Heavier than 3 gage (0.239) – 3/16″
    • Continuous butt-welds are required to splice planks together. Tack weld ends of adjacent pieces if both span at least 4 stringers and the splice is located on a stringer flange.
  • If the plank is bolted:
    • Bolt each plank to stringer with 5/8″ diameter A 307 bolts.
      • Use 2-1/2″ flat washers.
    • Bolt overlapping side joints with 5/8″ diameter A 307 high strength bolts.
  • The plank has the appropriate certifications.
    • The manufacturer shall certify that the requirements of each specification have been met.
    • Reference the project plans for the gage, length, special punching and quantity requirements.
    • The installer should be professionally trained in installing the plank decking material. Installation is in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

“Bridge Plank.” Installation for Deck Rehab and New Construction. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 July 2012.

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