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Slip Resistant Catwalk Flooring

Designed for applications where safety and efficiency
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Slip Resistant Catwalk Flooring

April 15, 2016


Slip resistant catwalk flooring is a necessity in various industries; allowing personnel to safely work on and access upper levels of machinery, process equipment, tanks, and buildings. Catwalks also allow companies to utilize unused ceiling space and create efficient overhead maintenance walkways.

According to; over the past 10 years, while falls from height accounted for about 9 percent of all injuries on a yearly basis, on average they represented about 14 percent of days lost and 16 percent of claim costs paid. Fall from height injury claims with time lost from work are on average, $14,000 more costly than all other injuries: demonstrating a financial impact.

  • Average cost per claim — all injuries: $16,500
  • Average cost per claim — falls from a height: $29,800

Statistics by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also show the average number of days away from work for a slip-and-fall accident is 28 days.  The National Safety Council (NSC) estimated that slip-and-fall injuries represent more than 65% of all work days lost, and the compensation and medical costs associated are approximately $70 billion annually.

SlipNOT® non slip safety products are ideal for preventing slip-and-fall accidents and falls from a height on catwalks.  With SlipNOT®, employees can work with ease, maximizing production. SlipNOT® products have a coefficient of friction that is greater than or equal to 0.85, exceeding all recommendations set by OSHA, ADA, ASTM, and ANSI.

SlipNOT® offers slip resistant catwalk flooring constructed of floor plate, grating, flattened expanded metal, and perforated plate, available SlipNOT® grating is ideal for applications that require allowance of air, light and fluids to pass.  Flattened expanded metal flexes to help reduce worker fatigue and easily serves as a retrofit solution to slippery surfaces.  Perforated plate allows the flow through advantage of grating and solid surface characteristics of plate.  Floor plate provides a solid non slip surface that creates sure footing in every step.

SlipNOT® manufactures catwalk flooring for new construction or retrofit solutions to refurbish an existing surface.  Products can easily be custom fabricated to meet specifications and toe plates (also known as kick plates) can be incorporated.