Heavy Duty Steel Grating

Heavy duty steel grating is a reliable and durable product used for industrial flooring where there are heavy traffic vehicles and heavy foot traffic.  Steel grating is used for immediate drainage from rain and other sources, while allowing simple airflow and heating in buildings.  Steel grating can also be coated with slip resistance for further safety.

What type of steel grating is available?

Heavy duty steel gratings are classified into three categories, offering flooring treatments appropriate for different situations.  Below is a very brief description of the three types of heavy duty grating offers.

  • Heavy Duty Welded Steel Grating:  Welded carbon heavy duty steel grating is the most popular choice, able to handle heavy moving loads and meeting the demand of vehicle loading requirements (AASHTO). The main bars are slotted and assembled with cross bars which are welded with one fillet weld at every joint for additional strength.
  • Wheels n’ Heels® Heavy Duty Steel Grating  Wheels n’ Heels is the first industrial flooring product which satisfies both the vehicle loading requirements and the pedestrian comfort requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The spacing of the bearing bars are close together to offer easy access for wheelchairs and high heel traffic.
  • Heavy Duty Riveted Steel Grating: This reliable and durable grating has bearing bars that are connected with a reticuline bar to form a grid-like truss which handles the high impact and lateral forces encountered in bridge deck flooring applications.  Metal riveted steel grating is very lightweight which makes it easier to install and allows for resurfacing to handle heavier flooring loads without the need for sub-structure work.

What applications can use non-slip heavy duty steel grating?

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the leading cause of worker-related injury and death comes from employees slipping, tripping, or falling from work surfaces such as floors, platforms, portable and fixed ladders, stairs, and ramps.  Choosing the correct flooring products can be vital within your company and prevent future injuries.  Below are some of the endless applications that could benefit from using heavy duty steel grating coated with a non-slip surface.

  • Airfield landing mats
  • Trenches
  • Airplane unloading ramps
  • Highway bridge decking
  • Sidewalks
  • Concrete reinforcements
  • Vault covers
  • Ramps
  • Docks
  • Industrial flooring
  • Off-shore drilling rigs
  • Paper mills

Many facilities benefit from having heavy duty steel grating installed within their walking and working areas.  Depending on the application, steel grating can be custom fabricated to meet specifications.  Adding slip resistance to steel grating is proven to add safety to harsh industrial environments.

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