Industrial Flooring – The Who, What and Where

Industrial flooring – Who needs it?

Industrial flooring can be used in numerous environments by a number of different types of individuals for safety purposes. You do not need to be located in a manufacturing facility to find a need for industrial flooring. From municipalities, commercial property managers, school facilitators, architects and engineers to oil rig owners and home owners; different types of industrial flooring can keep workers, pedestrians, patrons and family members safe. Anyone who is concerned about safety can use industrial flooring.

What type of industrial flooring is appropriate for your use?

Industrial flooring is a broad term that can define a number of different flooring treatments. Each safety product is appropriate in different situations. Below is a very brief description of a few types of industrial flooring products. This list does not include every type of industrial flooring available.

  • Epoxy Flooring: Epoxy flooring is a combination of resins that harden to a floor once it is applied. Epoxy can be either self applied or applied by a company who specializes in it. There are non-slip options of epoxy flooring available which contain small specs of material that are designed to create more friction on the surface. Epoxy flooring is mild enough to be used in a residential garage but can also be beneficial in an industrial facility.
  • Fiberglass: Very thin fibers of glass make up fiberglass flooring. Fiberglass is used quite a bit because it is light weight but can cover a large flooring surface area.
  • Diamond/Checker plate: Also known as Tread Plate this flooring product is very versatile and can be used throughout industrial, commercial and residential areas. It can be formed into different shapes, but will not provide slip resistance if covered with water or oil.
  • Manufactured metal slip resistant flooring: This style of flooring is also very versatile but is very abrasive and should not be used in residential situations. Slip resistant metal safety flooring can be formed into endless possibilities and is very durable. This type of industrial flooring product is best in wet and oily situations.

Where can industrial flooring be used?

According to the National Safety Council over 9 million slip and fall injuries happen every year resulting in 95 million lost work days. This is a big problem! Industrial flooring can be utilized in any situation that requires a textured surface for safety. The most common areas industrial flooring products are utilized are in high traffic areas where there is a higher chance for a slip and fall. Below is a list of very common areas that industrial flooring can be used:

  • Stairways
  • Ramps
  • Entrance ways
  • Work platforms
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Garage floors
  • Mezzanines
  • Catwalks
  • Exterior decks
  • Flooring around machinery
  • Others

The list of places that industrial flooring can be utilized is virtually endless. By investing in industrial flooring you are investing in safety.

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