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Metal Floors

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Metal Floors

May 6, 2016

The term “Metal Floors” brings to mind a wide variety of products. One of the first Web sites that comes up on Google for the term “Metal Floors” talks about luxury housing trends and how metal tiles are being used throughout homes as a modern and interesting alternative to cement, hardwood and even carpet. This is not the most common use of metal floors so let’s narrow our focus to metal floors that can be used throughout public areas such as metal floors for industrial and commercial environments.

Plate, grating, perforated plate, expanded metal and plank are just a few of the products that metal floors can be made of. With a range of nonslip metal flooring products available, SlipNOT can provide a metal flooring solution that can be utilized throughout various industries and environments.

Metal Plate

Solid plate is utilized in a variety of metal floors that are mainly used throughout manufacturing facilities. Ramps, catwalks, stair treads, work platforms and walkways can all be made out of plate. This type of metal floor is also easily fabricated and can be built into existing environments or new construction. Plate is structurally sound and is generally available in 1/4″ thicknesses and up. Diamond or checkered plate metal floors consist of solid plate that is punched with a diamond-like pattern. This style of metal flooring is widely used throughout industrial, commercial and residential environments. Diamond plate does not provide a metal floor with a nonslip surface. There are metal flooring products available that have an anti slip coating applied to them giving the metal floor an excellent slip-resistant surface.

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Metal Grating

Grating metal floors are able to drain off any liquids that may come into contact with them while providing enough surface area for people to safety work or walk. Grating is used in many applications and is often found in sidewalks, stair treads, fire escapes and platforms among others. Grating metal floors come in a wide variety of thicknesses and styles to meet any industrial or commercial need.

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Perforated Metal Plate

Solid plate that has been punched with a die creating holes makes perforated plate metal floors a good solution to areas that need more surface area than grating but some drainage characteristics. These metal floors can be purchased with a variety of hole shapes and sizes and can be used in industrial, commercial and decorative projects.

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Expanded Metal

Expanded metal floors are generally used as fences, cages and for retrofitting over existing flooring. These metal floors come in expanded metal grating (used for areas that need structural strength), standard expanded metal and flattened expanded metal.

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Metal Plank

Metal floors made of plank are lightweight and can be provided in a solid surface or punched with a die to create holes. Areas that require lightweight material such as docks or marinas often utilize plank metal floors, as well as wastewater treatment plants. There is a large variety of plank styles to fit a variety of metal floors.

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