Non-Slip Plank Decking throughout Warehouse Plants

Many warehouses look for the appropriate decking to hold crates, cartons, pallets, improve storage and personnel safety.  There are a wide range of materials and configurations that may work for different reasons.  For example, plank decking allows water, light and air to pass through while providing durability for employees. Also, many safety managers apply a metal slip resistant coating which creates a high traction surface for employees, especially when the plank decking is wet or oily. Plank decking is offered as punched, solid or ADA compliant.  Warehouses mainly use this decking for outdoor, freezer and wet mezzanine floor applications.

Although metal plank decking is a prime solution for warehouses, there are many more types that may work better in different situations.  All of the decking below may benefit from a non-slip surface.

Wire Decking – Wire decking is easily installed and prevents product damage and personnel injury when it’s installed on pallet racks and rivet shelving systems.  Additionally, dust and debris do not collect and light and water is able to pass through.

Wood Decking – Wood decking is inexpensive and creates a strong and solid base for palletized and non-palletized items.  Although, the wood may become slick when wet.

Solid Metal Decking – Solid metal offers a stronger alternative to wire decking, it’s easier to install and is fire resistant.  Its smooth surface makes it easy for product removal.

Perforated Rain Decking – Perforated rain decking has a smooth top and bottom surface, exceeds fire code requirements and has load capacities similar to the solid metal decking.  This is ideal for storing items that might fall through wire decking.

B Decking – B decking is a steel roof deck that is cost efficient and lightweight.  B decking can also be used as a sub floor with other surfaces such as plywood or diamond plate.

Plywood Decking – Plywood decking would be placed over b decking, allowing operation of pallet jacks and wheeled equipment.  This decking lowers maintenance and increases the life of mezzanine floors.

Diamond Plate Decking – Diamond plate decking is one of the most durable mezzanine flooring options that is placed over the b decking where material is transferred by forklifts.

Bar Grate Decking – Bar grate decking is sued for mezzanine floors where ventilation, lighting and fire regulation are concerns. The bar grating has welded and painted steel bars that can be sized to meet requirements.

SLIPNOT manufactures an all metal coating which is applied to metal substrates for slip resistance.  The coating does not change the chemical properties and is installed and fabricated the same way as others.

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