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Non-Slip Perforated Metals Cover Drain, Basins,Trenches and More

Designed for applications where safety and efficiency
are vital for industrial and commercial environments


Non-Slip Perforated Metals Cover Drain, Basins,Trenches and More

December 6, 2011

Perforated metals, such as SlipNOT® perforated plate-Flex Grip®, are metal products that are made through metal stamping and manufacturing.  SlipNOT® perforated plate is available in an array of hole patterns and styles making it ideal for endless environments.

In many industrial plants there are catch basins and collection tanks around machinery.  These trenches are utilized in plants where excessive oils, cutting fluids or liquids are present and need to be drained.  Often times the liquids that are collected are filtered and recycled for reuse.  In applications such as this a slip resistant material that allows for drainage is necessary to keep workers operating machinery safe.  While drainage is critical it is also important for debris to not be passed through openings.  In these environments bar grating may allow small debris or tools to fall through the spaces in between bars.

Perforated metals are an ideal solution for trenches, as the perforation allows for ventilation and drainage but prevents objects from falling through.  SlipNOT® perforated metals create a slip resistant surface in areas such as these, where slips are possible and increased productivity is the goal.

SlipNOT® perforated plate can be retrofitted over the top of existing grating or built into new construction.  For applications with a high structural load, SlipNOT® can create a custom combination of bar grate and perforated metals.  SlipNOT® perforated metal plate can also be utilized on its own and flexes when walked on to avoid worker fatigue.

Wastewater treatment plants, automotive plants, aerospace facilities and countless other industries use perforated plate in areas of drainage.  SlipNOT® perforated metals can also be used for aesthetics in architectural and commercial applications.  Click here to view case studies on how SlipNOT® perforated metals are used by a plethora of industries.