Quality Standards in the Food & Beverage Industry for NSF Flooring

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop and publish American National Standards. NSF/ANSI has developed standards for food equipment, listed below.

Standard 2: Food Equipment
Discusses equipment known as ‘fabricated food equipment’: kitchen, bakery, pantry and cafeteria units, and other food handling and processing equipment including tables and components, counters, shelves, sinks, etc.

Standard 3: Commercial Warewashing Machines
Outlines requirements for stationary racks, conveyors, etc.

Standard 4: Commercial Cooking and Hot Food Storage Equipment
Requirements for ranges, ovens, deep fat fryers, fat filters, griddles, broilers, steam and pressure cookers, hot food holding and transport cabinets, etc.

Standard 6: Dispensing Freezers
Sanitation standard for dispensing freezers, including heat treatment dispensing freezers which process and dispense previously pasteurized soft ice cream, ice milk, malts, custards, and similar frozen dairy products by batch or continuous feed directly into the customer’s container.

Standard 7: Food Service Refrigerators and Storage Freezers
Outlines requirement for reach-in, under counter and walk-in storage refrigerators and freezers, and other refrigerated food preparation units used in the food service industry.

Standard 8: Commercial Powered Food Preparation Equipment
Outlines requirements for electronic food preparation equipment such as: mixers, peelers, grinders, slicers, tenderizers, saws, coffee grinders, pasta makers, etc.

Standard 12: Automatic Ice Making Equipment
Discusses recommendations relating to ice manufacturing equipment and the attached paraphernalia used in storing and dispensing ice in connection with this equipment.

Standard 13: Refuse Compactors and Compactor Systems
Trash compactors except for those intended for the compaction of hazardous or infectious materials, which are covered under different regulations.

Standard 18: Manual Food and Beverage Dispensing Equipment
Standard for equipment that dispenses food or beverages in bulk or portions.

Standard 20: Commercial Bulk Milk Dispensing Equipment
Requirement for commercial bulk milk dispensing equipment of milk product dispensers.

Standard 25: Vending Machine and Food and Beverage
Recommendations for food and beverage vending machines.

Standard 29: Detergent and Chemical Feeders for Commercial Spray-Type Dishmachines
Discusses chemical sanitizing feeders, detergent dispensers, and similar devices that automatically maintain the concentration of additives in the prewash, wash, pumped rinse, or final rinse of commercial spray-type dishwashing machines. Water, soap, and food can collect in surrounding areas and slip resistant grating is recommended for dishwashing personnel’s safety.

Standard 35: Laminated Plastics for Surfacing Food Equipment
This standard covers laminated plastic sheets (high pressure) for limited use as work, splash, and nonfood contact surfaces of foodservice equipment, in conjunction with other safety products this standard provides food sanitation and worker safety.

Standard 59: Food Carts
Discusses mobile food carts for prepackaged food and preparation of food. potentially hazardous food.

For clarification on any terminology, please reference NSF/ANSI Standard 170: Glossary of Food Equipment Technology.

Slip resistant stainless steel plates provide safety for food and beverage industry for around equipment, in high traffic areas, on work platforms and more. Due to its ability to withstand caustic enzyme environments, stainless steel flooring is an ideal solution in food preparation environments. Specifying NSF flooring for all food processing applications is a preventative solution for safety, SLIPNOT products also meet and exceed all ADA and OSHA standards offering triple-standard approved flooring the processing industry.

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