Safety is a Verb

Safety is a verb and workplace safety programs can be full of complicated procedures, checklists, requirements and statistics.  When it comes down to the bare essentials of a successful safety program, the most important words are verbs. Verbs like involved, reports, discusses, helps, performs and rewards are all actions that will keep a safety program running. See the workplace safety guide below for details:

Involved: Getting employees involved in safety process is an important aspect of any workplace safety program.  By getting your employees involved in identifying safety problems and coming up with solutions to those problems, your employees will take ownership in their contributions and strive to make their safety program perform well.  OSHA has always supported employees being involved in health and safety issues.  According to their website ( OSHA believes that “Employee involvement provides the means through which workers develop and express their own commitment to safety and health, for both themselves and their fellow workers.  Employees are more likely to support and use programs in which they have input.”

Reports and Discusses: Employees must report each accident and discuss each ‘near miss.’  No one wants to be the person to have to report an injury.  He/she may be letting their team down, disqualifying them from a safety compensation of some sort, and putting a mark next to their name, however, in order to keep a safety program working smoothly, all incidences must be reported, and a solution must be established.  If a ‘near miss’ happens, the team should discuss why it happened and talk about how to prevent it from happening again.  A log should be kept and a workplace safety guide should be available to all employees.

Helps: In order to foster a good team effort, employees should always be encouraged to help another employee when it comes to doing their job safely.  An employee who has many years experience can really coach a new employee on the best way of safety performing a job.   If an employee is running into trouble, another employee should jump in to help out before a larger issue arises.

Performs: Managers need to stay on top of safety audits, and perform them at set times.  It may be a good idea to get employees involved in these safety audits as well.  Well running machines, lines and procedures are all very important in keeping everyone safe and producing a high quality product.

Rewards: Many companies have safety incentive programs aimed at motivating employees to make safe choices at all times.  An example of a workplace reward program would be to have a monthly drawing where incentives are given to randomly chosen employees within a department if that department remained accident free during the prior month.

There are many other Verbs that make up a well run workplace safety guide or program.  SLIPNOT non-slip flooring products help keep a workplace safe by providing high traction flooring.  Slip and fall accidents can help be prevented while using these metal safety products.  What Verbs does your company use?

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