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Stainless Perforated Sheet Holes – Standard and Non Standard

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Stainless Perforated Sheet Holes – Standard and Non Standard

September 18, 2012

Perforated plates are an extremely versatile product which is able to control the passage of air, gases, liquids, light and sound.  They have an enormous number of perforating patterns possible with round holes, squares, slots and other special perforations.  Each pattern may benefit many applications in a different way.  Perforated plates are commonly installed on machinery, appliances, vehicles, ships and boats, aircraft and food processing facilities due to its low cost, lightweight properties, durability, lighting effects and sound absorption.  Available alloys consist of steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless perforated sheet metals.

The Industrial Perforators Association (IPA) lists all of the standard perforation patterns which are common to all members.  The standard perforations consist of:

Round Holes – this shape is the most versatile and provides a wide range of open areas as well as aesthetic appeal.  Round holes range from under .020 to over 6” and account for 80% of the production of the perforating industry.

Square Holes – this shape is mainly used for machine guards and grills offering large open areas to permit good visibility.  Square perforations are offered staggered or straight but both variations are weaker than round hole patterns.

Slot Holes – this shape is offered with straight lines, side staggered and end staggered.  The elongated slot increases the through-put in different applications.

Non standard perforations through IPA consist of indented holes, collared holes, louvered holes, hexagonal holes, round cane, octagonal cane and grecian.  If you are looking for a perforation that cannot be met, you would need to contact an IPA member supplier.  IPA members are equipped with tool design and tool-making facilities to produce whatever hole shapes, sizes and pattern your application requires.