Stainless Steel Plate Increases Safety in the Food Processing Industry

Stainless steel plate can be used as flooring, for catwalks, non-slip platforms, stair treads and countless other applications.  It is available in a variety of alloys, the most common being 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel.  Originating from the French word inoxydable, stainless steel is chemically resistant, naturally corrosion resistant and will not stain.  These properties of stainless steel make it an excellent material for applications in the food processing industry, where sanitation is necessary.

Formed to job specifications, plate can be the most versatile material in a food processing facility.  Customized to fit into a platform, stainless steel plates with a non-slip coating can provide a safe working surface for employees in raised areas such as work platforms or catwalks.  Plates can also be utilized as non-slip flooring around machines and work packaging facilities.  The non-slip surface allows for employees in the slickest areas of plants to work with confidence in knowing slip and fall accidents will be reduced.

Stainless steel plate can be formed into stair treads to be used in existing facilities’ or in new construction.  Formed per drawings, stair treads can be welded over existing stairs, bolted down using countersunk holes or available with mounting plates.  Oils, fats and other lubricants from the food manufacturing process can be tracked onto the surface of these treads, increasing the possibility for slip and fall accidents.  Adding a slip resistant surface to stainless steel plate stair treads can increase safety and security while using stairs.

The nosing of a stair can be the most slippery part of a tread.  The constant amount of foot traffic over a stair nose can cause the surface to become worn down.  Retrofitting a non-slip stainless steel plate nosing over the top of existing stairways can provide added insurance against accidents.  Nosings can be welded directly onto current treads and stringers.  They may also be bolted into place or prefabricated with holes for installation in the field.  Nosings may also be drilled and countersunk in the field if needed.

These three possibilities are just a few of the options available for using stainless steel floor plate in food processing facilities.  Adding a non-slip surface to the plate increases safety in each environment. SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring manufactures an all metal slip resistant surface that can be applied to stainless steel plate.  With a coefficient of friction 0.85 or greater, the non-slip surface will keep workers on their feet in any situation.

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