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The City of Saint Robert Utilizes Grating Coated with the SlipNOT® Surface for a Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Situation:

A public works foreman contacted SlipNOT® in order to take proactive measures for a slippery exterior catwalk at the City of Saint Robert local wastewater treatment plant. The 33” x 520” area of smooth bar grating was dangerously slick, and the foreman was looking for a safer solution.

The Solution:

The foreman decided the most economical and safe solution would be to ship the existing grating to SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring to have an all-metal aluminum coating applied to one side of the smooth bar grating. SlipNOT® coated the 17 pieces of customer supplied 33” wide x 12”- 40” various length aluminum grating with SlipNOT® Grade 2 aluminum coating. SlipNOT® then shipped the grating pieces back to the City of Saint Robert for installation within one day of receiving the material.

The Impact:

With a one day turnaround time, SlipNOT® provided the City of Saint Robert with as little downtime as possible. The aluminum grating was lightweight and easily maneuvered and installed. According to the foreman, the grating is working well and the catwalk is used daily. In partnership with the foreman, SlipNOT® has prevented any further slip and fall accidents and maximized productivity. The SlipNOT® aluminum coating is naturally rust resistant, making it ideal for this outdoor application.