Slip Resistant Aluminum Plank Installed on Hilton’s Helipad

Helipad Decking
  • The Situation:

    The Luckie Marietta District in downtown Atlanta, Georgia is a premier city center that creates a chain of 25 local restaurants, 18 attractions and retail stores and 7 hotels. One of the many hotels on this strip includes the Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta. The Hilton houses the first functioning helipad that operates from the rooftop of this exclusive hotel. Providing a convenient mode of transportation and a unique experience, the helipad provides shuttle services to area airports and VIP flights. The hotel has 28 floors and over 9,500 square feet, causing safety on this rooftop to be a top concern. A slip resistant flooring was required.

  • The Solution:

    A grating manufacturer was hired to provide 2-1/2” snap lock aluminum plank for this project with an aluminum SLIPNOT surface. Heavy duty aluminum planking includes snap lock interlocking end banded to form standard panel widths. Aluminum plank is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing while also providing corrosion resistance.

  • The Impact:

    Safety is critical for this helicopter pad and SLIPNOT provides traction that will not fail. SLIPNOT aluminum plank was manufactured to specific dimensions and installed flawlessly. The customer was pleased with the results and low maintenance the aluminum planking provides.

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