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Flattened Expanded Metal Transforms Slippery Walkway at Briggs & Stratton

The Situation:

For over 100 years, Briggs & Stratton has manufactured some of the world’s most reliable and durable lawn mower engines and small engines. A safety engineer at Briggs & Stratton contacted SlipNOT® about using flattened expanded metal to replace a slippery pit cover in an area where oil and coolant made the area hazardous. They wanted to address potential slip and fall accidents in that area.

The Solution:

SlipNOT® provided Briggs & Stratton with flattened expanded metal in style 3/4” #9 - 20” x 50” for their installation. Briggs & Stratton was able to weld the expanded metal over the pit cover. This simple retrofit solution allowed for the oil and coolant to drain through into the pit while creating a safe walkway for their employees to walk on.

The Impact:

SlipNOT® provided the most effective way for Briggs & Stratton to keep their employees safe while working in a slick environment. The flattened expanded metal has proved to be durable and long lasting, even in slick conditions. The slip resistant coating allows for employees to walk over the pit without worrying about having a slip and fall accident. After installing the expanded metal, the safety engineer stated “We installed the product about a month ago and so far we’ve had no problems. Thank you for a great product.”