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Galvanized Steel Close Mesh Steel Dove Tail Grating for Elevated Walkways at the Beargrass Creek Nature Preserve

The Situation

An architectural firm contacted a grating manufacturer in order to provide grating for a recreational project they were working on. The project was called the Beargrass Creek Nature Preserve, a 41 acre forest that includes recreational areas, trails and a natural retreat. The Beargrass Creek Nature Preserve is the only urban nature preserve owned by the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission, named after the Beargrass creek that runs through it. The park consists of wetlands (over 1,800 species of trees, shrubs and wildflowers), two miles of walking trails and the Louisville Nature Center.

The Solution

To prevent issues with flooding from the creek due to storm water or increased development, SlipNOT® was chosen for elevated walkways throughout the preserve. SlipNOT® coated various pieces of close mesh steel dove tail grating for the project that is American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, as well as high heel compatible. The steel grating was then galvanized to protect from rust and corrosion in the wet environment. SlipNOT® galvanized steel is low maintenance and extremely durable.

The Impact

SlipNOT® provided a slip resistant surface for the elevated walkway that will withstand the wet environment and provide traction for visitors. ADA compliant grating was the perfect solution for the requirements of this project, it will continue to supply the drainage necessary in case of high water levels, while also allowing for high heel and wheel chair traffic.