Non Slip Steel Plates & Perforated Plate Increases Performance and Safety at Worthington

Steel Plate Cover
  • The Situation:

    When parent company Worthington Industries purchased Lennox Industries’ cylinder division in 1971, Worthington Cylinders was established. The cylinder division was a natural outlet for the processed steel Worthington Industries already controlled, enhancing the company’s business model as a whole. Since its inception, the cylinder division has increased their product line while supporting and improving those already in existence. The company strategy, with the support of thousands of employees, is what allowed Worthington Cylinders to become the world’s leading supplier of pressure cylinders.

    Worthington Cylinders sought SLIPNOT as a solution for slippery conditions caused by oil vapor surrounding the die machine in their Columbus, OH location.

  • The Solution:

    In the manufacturing industry, slip and falls are the most frequent cause of non-fatal major injuries. Additionally, bodily reaction, which comprises injuries from slipping or tripping, is the third highest injury category, followed by falls to a lower level.

    Non slip steel plate's and steel perforated plate are a cost-effective solution for slip resistant needs in many manufacturing facilities. For this project, SLIPNOT provided 3/4” Grade 2 A36 steel plates in a mill finish and a Grade 2 steel perforated plate which was painted safety yellow; they were attached to the floor around a die machine. The area where the plates were installed is where a roller-coater applies oil to parts and oil vapor eventually coats everything, when operators tighten the bolts on the die they would often face the potential to slip and fall.

  • The Impact:

    The supervisor reported that all the operators who work in relation to the die machine were impressed with the performance of the steel floor plates. They indicated they would be interested in purchasing more in other applications over time to continue to provide permanent solutions to slippery scenarios. Within three months of their first order, they ordered two additional Grade 3 mill finish steel plates. The additional plates serve as decking over a press pit that is 8’ deep. An operator stands on the decking while running the machine, the existing decking would get very slippery when oil they use to make the parts would collect around the machine. The operators were so impressed with the first installation they were enthusiastic to have additional slippery areas in the facility be improved with the SLIPNOT surface.

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